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Be Relentless offers personalized 1 on 1 nutrition coaching. Together we’ll build a realistic plan that fits your lifestyle. Set up a free call with a coach today.


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Our Mission

It is our mission to personalize your nutrition to match your goals. Whether you’re looking to improve overall health, body composition, fitness and training or emotional relationship with food, we’re here to help.

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Our Specialties

  • Health and Optimal hormone function

  • Creating realistic nutrition habits

  • Optimizing sleep patterns and energy levels

  • Overcoming negative relationships with food and body 

  • improved performance in the gym

  • fat loss


October 2018

Marie has helped me completely change my relationship with food. After trying every type of diet, I am finally eating to fuel my body and my workouts, and I am happy.

Marissa E.



Why Be Relentless?

You are worth it! You get to live ONE life in ONE body! Be Relentless in your pursuit of owning a healthy body! Learn to optimize your sleep, control cravings, improve your relationship with food, reduce mood swings, improve gut health and build a healthy mind! Don’t go through your entire life obsessing about food and your body. Be Relentless in finding joy in your life! Nutrition and lifestyle changes should be enjoyable and sustainable. Be Relentless will help guide you through the process of rebuilding your life!


Health Goals

Hormonal imbalances? Hormones are directly affected by our lifestyle habits. Learn to optimize your hormone health through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Ready for a change

Change your relationship with food and your body. Stop obsessing about food and start to love your body. Change your nutrition, change your life!

you’ve tried every type of diet

The diet was not realistic for you! Build a plan that includes the foods you enjoy without restriction. Your plan will be something maintainable longterm.


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